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House For Sale In Vaughan

How does one look for rentals in Toronto NSW? First decide on the budget that you have in mind as this will make it easier for you to narrow down the list. You have to ensure that you keep within the budget as things can go haywire if sudden unexpected expenses crop up and you are unable to meet the finances. Try to come up with a realistic figure and remember that you should not get carried away with a home and select one that is comfortable and livable.

You may have a small family to take care of and therefore look for an apartment or condo that has just enough rooms. Inspect the place to check if all the other criteria are right as you should not have to spend extra on fittings, storage space and repairs. Try to locate the best real estate agent in the area who has access to various rentals in Toronto NSW and let him know when you decide on any particular one. Remember that the real estate agent will be representing you and negotiating on your behalf. He should be licensed and experienced with carrying out the necessary paper work and guiding you on the right path. If he is a reputed agent, you will find that he works with you and takes care of your needs by ensuring that you save some money in the process.

If you come across a house for sale in Vaughan when you are going through the listings, you may be tempted to check it out. Perhaps you have money stashed away for your dream house or your agent might have educated you on how to pay the mortgage rates, seek a loan etc to get you started. Carefully consider the various issues that can crop up if you are unable to pay up the loans regularly. Once you decide that you can go ahead with the purchase of a home, inform the real estate agents and they will work successfully to ensure that you are going to get your dream home.

Due to recession and unemployment in the recent years, many people have had to give up their homes due to the inability of paying back the loans. Look at foreclosure homes if you are interested in a house for sale in Vaughan as there are many in the area. You may have to talk to a lawyer or financial consultant and meet bank officials. All this is possible if you have a trusted realtor such as Schuren Sriskandarajah by your side. He will be able to check out the fine print and let you know if you are making the right move. It may be possible that you can negotiate the price with the owner who would normally keep a cushion for moving his price downward. Once you have made a pact with the owner, the real estate agent will see you through the negotiation and you will soon be the proud owner of a home in Vaughan.

The Four Poker Player Types

Every poker player have a type of game that they play, good poker players can adapt to the opponents and play the type of game suited for the opponents at the table. So what kind of player types can you run into at the tables and what characterizes the type of game that they are playing. Below we will go through the different poker playing types , advantage and disadvantage of playing these that they have.

Loose Passive Type

Then loose passive players are often the fish, inexperienced poker players the game as entertainment and don't mind losing some money. These players always want to be in the action so they play every starting hands that they are dealt, they just chek and call. If you enjoy playing the game this way that is perfectly fine, there are other hobbies that can be more expensive. But this is the dream opponent for the experienced poker player, they can win some hands but sooner or later they will leave all the money at the table.
Everybody is a small fish at one time, but if you want to develop your game you have to pick up on some poker strategies. If you lose a lot at the tables, sooner or later that will take the joy out of the game. Many online poker sites have a poker school with decent educational material; this is free and will help you develop your game. If you put your mind to it and spend some time on learning, you can be a shark in no time.

How do I play against a loose passive player, this is not too complicated. Here you don't need to play a too advanced game, keep it simple. Bet if you know that you have the better hand, check when you're not sure, they will follow and check right along with you. Always stay mentally strong, if the loose passive player makes a bet you can give him credit for a better hand. These players do some time get lucky; they can hit some fantastic hands that can really shake you up. Don't get tilted, or maybe the tables can turn and you becomes the fish.
Loose Aggressive Type

Aggressive betting can turn a slow poker game into a crazy ride. Loose aggressive types are in many cases to aggressive in the game, they will raise with any cards in the hand. Aggression is one of the qualities that a good poker player needs, but he will have to combine it with many other qualities and skills if he wants to become a successful poker player. This player types can win some blinds and antes, and steal many pots with lousy hands. But when they do get a good hand they can get paid with a large chip stack, since they play all their hands in the same aggressive way nobody knows when they got a god hand.

Even if this spices up the game and makes it exiting, this is not the right way to play poker. This type of player has a need to gamble and relay on chance, good poker players relay on their skills and abilities to use them. Eventually these players will win some hands, but in the long term they will lose even more. Loose aggressive players can do well against passive players; they will fold most of the times. These players have potential to become good poker players; they just need to develop all of the other sides of the game.
How do I play against a loose aggressive player, well you have to understand that you can call with a much weaker hand than you use to. Use their uncontrolled aggression against them, just make sure that you call and raise with the right hands. As I mentioned before these players can get lucky and win some nice pots, but it also can go fast the other way. Try to avoid lose aggressive players at a shorthanded table, if you don't have a solid bankroll, things can go bad fast if it is not your day.

Tight Aggressive Type

The tight aggressive player chooses his hands carefully and only plays the ones hi really believes that he can win, when he plays his hand he does it aggressively. Normally these players only play about every fifth hand that is dealt to them; they have patios and are waiting for the right hand to play. When they play there hand they go for the kill, these are the sharks of poker. The most part of successful poker players fit in to this type of poker players, controlled aggressive play to use every factor at hand to calculate their chance of winning
There is not many weaknesses to point at in this type of players game, but in a shorthanded game you can use his tight game against him. The blind and antes comes more often here, the players at the table have to lower the crossbar for their starting hands. This could turn the tight aggressive type into a "tight passive type", see how to play against them here below.
Tight Passive Type

Tight passive types have the quality of patience, it is good to have patience as a poker player but still you have to combine it with other skills and qualities. One thing that these players lack is aggression; this is something that you need to become a good poker player. These player can make a good money on the on the fish, the loose passive types. But when it comes to the sharks, the tight aggressive types, they will clean his bankroll at the blinds and antes. This type folds out of the game when the aggressive players begin to bet.

Tight passive play will check or call in many places where it would have been better to bet or raise. The strategy against this type of poker player is not so hard to figure out; bet and raise. And if they should follow you on this, make sure to back down unless you don't have a killer hand.


This was the basic four types of players that you can meet in a poker game, but remember that the truly skillful players will adapt to his opponent and change the game he plays. This will confuse other players and make it harder for them to read his game. The important thing to begin with is to know the different types and how to recognize them, after that you can begin observe and identify players. Some players can alternate their play at every round of the game, but sooner or later you will find a pattern that will help you to use his strategy against him. Observe and analyze your opponent, make a note when you see something that will give you a clue to revealing his overall poker strategy. When you have figured it out you will also begin to recognize his poker tells Now it is only a matter of time before you have cleaned out his bankroll, if he doesn't backs out of the game before that happens.

Advantages Or Disadvantages of Buying Or Renting a Car

Renting or buying a car has its advantages and disadvantages. The peace of mind that comes from owning a car is great but the stress of high monthly payments and costly repairs can be a burden. Rented cars are great for a business traveller if the company takes care of these expenses but for those who do not have that luxury the long term payments from renting a car could buy you one.

Advantages of buying a car

1. Owning your own car is considered an asset as this means that the car can be sold at anytime for quick cash.

2. Buying a car is hassle free - the most difficult part of buying a car is securing a loan from your banker or auto dealer.

Disadvantages of buying a car

1. Cars depreciate rapidly. With every year that passes, the value of the car is lowered and thus if persons should chose to sell their cars they would not be able to recoup the full amount spent on the car.

2. Buying a car is not just a one time financial commitment; the financial obligation to the car is incomplete unless you no longer own it. The repairs to the car even if it is insured end up costing the buyer in the form of increased premiums and the maintenance can also be costly.

Advantages of renting a car

1. Reliability. Rented cars or even cars that are leased are often newer cars that still have manufacturer warranty. These usually do not incur costly repairs for the renter as they are generally in good condition.

2. Reduced financial burden. When renting or leasing, a car a down payment followed by monthly rental/lease payments are required. These payments are generally lower than the downpayment and monthly payments for a car that has been purchased.

3. High possibility of tax deductions. The cost of operating a rental car used for purposes of business is tax deductible from your personal federal income taxes.

Disadvantages of renting a car

1. Expensive in the long term. Long term car rental or leasing can see the renter paying multiple down payments over time and multiple monthly lease checks towards a car they will never own. Overtime these payments add up and can end up costing the renter the equivalent of what their own car would have cost.

2. Rental or lease contracts contain many stipulations and failure to adhere to these stipulations put forward by the renter could result in a break in the lease which could be costly for the person renting the car.

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Basics of Stock Market in Panama

The initial step to understanding Panama stock broker accounts is to know the basics of how the stock markets work. A stock is the term used to connote the smallest component of ownership in a company. If you own a stock, this signifies you are part owner of that company. This means that you have a right to vote on decisions made by the company and if that company distributes out its profits to the shareholders, you will likely get your fair share too.

When choosing your own stock, the key element to look at from the company profile is of course the earnings of the company. The earnings or most commonly known as the profit of the business is the determinant of how much a stock will cost. But when actually buying one, you must also focus on the value of that stock in the future. One thing to look at is the product of that company. Make sure that the product is still saleable in the future for you to reap out all the benefits from being a part owner of any reputable company. Stock brokers will definitely come into play when you choose your stocks from the market. If you have already chosen a stock that will suit your needs and preferences then go ahead and buy it.

Buying stocks have been basically hands on during the years that have passed but nowadays off shore stock trading accounts can be found in some countries. One such country is Panama, the land dubbed as the Bridge of the World.

Panama has a number of exceptional and private features that make offshore stock brokerage accounts safe and easy to use. Panama offers a stable and neutral form of government that eliminates the danger of losing track of your money because of political upheavals that may arise. This peaceful country also holds a treaty with the USA that allows USA to grant protection to it from any form of invasion or upheaval.

You also do not have to be physically present in the country to get a stock brokerage account in this place. Stock brokerage activities can now be done online. Auctions, purchases and other stock activities can now be made through secure email with privacy policies and anonymous services.

Trading can also be done using a personal account, foundation or a corporate account. Personal accounts must maintain balances of over ,000.00. Corporate accounts are those that use the total assets of corporations to purchase or trade stocks. Panama banking accounts arrange full service for stock brokerage accounts done in the area. Privacy and secrecy are valued virtues of these firms, and you can surely safeguard your earnings through their system.

So if you are considering going into the stock brokerage market and opening up an offshore account to safeguard your money, keep in mind that Panama has a lot to offer for you. Their excellent offshore banking system made leaps into advancing offshore trading of the stock market today.

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Overlooked Leasing Equipment As A Source Of Business Finance ? Lease Financing Works. Here's Why!

Overlooked? You tell us, but we're never more amazed at why leasing equipment is such an often overlooked source of business financing in Canada.

Here's why we think the ' unconverted' need to reassess this popular method of financing their businesses when it comes to asset acquisition.Hopefully you've got your short term working capital and cash flow needs sorted out. They might include bank lines, receivable finance, working capital facilities, asset based lines of credit, etc.But what about long term capital when it comes to financing your needed asset acquisitions?

It's an entirely different form of financing and you just need to know some solid basics when it comes to eliminating any surprises. Let's cover some basics.In general Canadian business owners and financial managers need to only know there are basically two types of leases - operating and capital. But the difference between the two of them is huge! When you engage an operating lease scenario you essentially have no ownership or acquisition rights - think if it as leasing your landline phone.

A capital lease on the other hand is a non-cacheable commitment to make a series of payments over time for the purchase of the asset; it's as simple as that. The usual (but not always' end result of a capital lease is the transfer of ownership of the asset from the lessor to your company.Strictly speaking, leases are a form of long term debt, but depending on the type of lease you structure, and how it's structured it doesnt necessarily have to show on your balance sheet.Why then do we think that many businesses in Canada overlook some solid advantages in leasing equipment?

And what are those advantages?First of all leasing as a source of business finance frees up working capital that you quite frankly could use in a more productive matter. A quick example is that if your lease rate is, say 7% and you can generate returns on profit in equity of 10%, as an example... well... enough said!.

Other methods of business finance as a source of financing often require hefty down payments - leasing more often than not is 100% financing or pretty close it depending on your firms overall credit quality .Naturally if you utilize a business leasing equipment firm you are therefore not disturbing any other credit facilities you might have in place, such as short term revolving lines of credit.

And again, with decent credit you don't have to pledge other collateral and solid credits can often negotiate a limited or no personal guarantee. Have we made out point? We hope so. Don't overlook lease financing as a valuable source of business funding.

Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on solving your asset finance need today.

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Payday Loans No Faxing: Get instant money without any paperwork

Are you in need of external financial aid to fix up some emergency expenses? Your payday date is quite far? Then, consider payday loans no faxing and solve your urgent cash problem instantly. This loan term is especially designed to handle some small term uninvited urgency. You can easily find this loan service in the US lending market. All you just need to search over the internet and find a good loan service provider for you.

Payday loans no faxing is basically a small term loan that is mainly available for the term period of 14 to 31 days. Usually, this loan facility can be approved against your upcoming paycheque. Through this small term cash service you can grab the funds ranging from 0 to 00 as per your present requirements and repaying capability.

With the grabbed amount people can simply meet with their several of unexpected and inevitable expenses with ease. The requirements are as follows like education bills, medical expenses, sudden car repairing, house loan installments, pay off debt consolidation etc. No lender will interfere in your decision.

Remember, instant payday loans online are available on slightly higher interest price as it is approved for the small term period and unsecured by nature. But, by making competitive online research you can surely avail an affordable loan deal for you. Even, you can grab this loan service without making any collateral placement facility.

Through online application facility people can avail the funds within a day after submission of form. The entire loan processing can be done through online and the approved cash is deposited in your bank account. Further, the lender will not ask you to fax numerous documents to instantly get approved for the loans.

This loan facility is accessible by all kind of credit borrowers as lenders will not give importance to your credit scores. Thus, all kind of bad credit records like arrears, bankruptcy, defaults, CCJ's, IVA, insolvency etc. are simply get approved for the loan.

So, whenever you get stuck in financial crisis, consider payday loans no faxing and grab required funds with ease.

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How to do successful real estate investment?

Are you interested in real estate investment? If yes, then it is essential to have some basic expertise about real estate investments. It is very true if you want to be successful in any field, then you should have basic understanding about that field and its concerns. Many people have interest in real estate investments; however, they do not know where to find useful information about this. Myriads of possible ways are there to find information on this. What you need to do is little study on your behalf. Let us see some of the efficient ways to find useful information in this context.

One of the efficient and best ways to find information on real estate investing is by means of other people who are successful in real estate investing and have great experience in this field. Next obvious question will be where to find such people? However, no need to worry. There is good obvious answer to this obvious question that is real estate club. If you become a member of a real estate club, then it is possible for you to get in contact with the successful and experienced people in this field. You can share with them knowledge and experience. This will make you to get great wealth of useful information for real estate investments.

If you surf online then you can easily find real estate investing club in area nearby your office or house. In addition, real estate blogs, real estate forums can help you to get idea about the real estate investments. Through discussions and feedbacks, you may get useful information that will aid you to follow for getting success in this field. If you love to read then books on this subject can provide great guidance. It is best resource of useful real estate investment information. It is possible to find out books that are written by successful and experienced people in real estate investment sector. You can go to local store for finding books pertaining to real estate information

If you are tech-savvy and love to surf online, then internet can be best resource to get abundant information with minimal or even free of cost. Like books, there are myriads of websites containing huge information. It is very easy to find such websites by means of search engine.

You can select any way that is best suitable for you to get relevant information in this regard. What you need to do is quest for the best information. In essence, it is not difficult to get real estate investment information. You can obtain a great deal of information by means of above resources. Gather useful information as much as possible and get ready to do a successful real estate investment now!

Advantages of Low Interest Debt Consolidation Loans

You may use a debt consolidation loan to merge or combine your debts into a single payment or repayment. To gain the optimal benefit from a debt consolidation loan however, you will need to look for some low interest debt consolidation loan options, that may fit your specific situation and needs.

A low interest debt consolidation loan will make more of your funds available to you, it may also make your repayments much more affordable too. A low interest debt consolidation loan may also help you to pre-pay on your loan principal, reducing your debt at a much faster rate.

You may get a debt consolidation loan by either applying for a secured or unsecured loan. With a secured loan you can use an asset like your home as collateral/security for a loan, or you may choose to get an unsecured loan without collaterals. A secured loan may be easier to get than an unsecured loan, and the interest rate for secured loans may be lower too. The downside of a secured loan though is, you may lose your collateral, if you fail to pay back the loan, or are late on your repayments.

If you are a homeowner, you may use your home to get either a home equity loan (HEL), home equity line of credit (HELOC) or cash-out refinancing. HEL and HELOC involve using your home equity (that is, the percentage of your home that you own) to get a line of credit, HEL is a lump sum while HELOC is an open credit you may draw on at varying times. Cash-out refinancing involves taking a new mortgage that is bigger than your original mortgage, on your home, and then using the difference between your new and old mortgage value, to pay off your debts. To use cash-out refinancing, your home value will need to have increased from its original purchase price, to provide you with a large enough difference to pay off your debts.

You may also choose to take a personal loan if you don?t have collaterals, or if you do not wish to use your home as security for a loan. You will need to review each type of loan and do some comparison too to get a low interest debt consolidation loan for yourself. You will need to add up the total costs of getting each type of loan, not just their interest rates, to know how much you will be paying or saving in the long run. You may shop around and compare different loan rates and costs, to get the best deal.

Though it is very important to research your options while shopping for low interest debt consolidation loan services, before you take up any loan offer however, or use any type of debt solution, you may want to go through some free credit counseling first. A free counseling session (not a program or plan, just some free expert advice service) can help you to determine the best solution for your needs, which may not necessarily even involve, getting a debt consolidation loan, most especially if you are struggling with debts. Reputable and certified credit counselors can help you to determine and know if a debt consolidation loan, or some other type of debt resolving strategy and mix, are the best solution for your debts. With this, once you understand what your best solutions are, after some counseling, you may then do some additional research on the options presented to you by your counselors. You may get some free and no obligation credit counseling from government bureaus and agencies, and/or reputable credit counseling firms.

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How To Make a Splash Page

Just wanted to share some information about splash pages with you. I often create them for clients for a variety of reasons and have made all kinds in the past...

So what's so good about them?

1. They're fairly simple and straightforward to make.
2. You can keep them simple and quick loading or fancy with graphics etc. included -- it's up to your own preferences.
3. You can stand out from other affiliate marketers by using your own splash pages.
4. You can create interest and build curiosity with splash pages by not telling them everything -- just scratch the surface.
5. You can build a list by using an opt-in form on your splash page.
6. You can use them in promotions all over the place. For example:
-> In traffic exchanges
-> On your own web site
-> In a link that you use in a forum signature
-> From a banner rotation to your splash page
-> As a popup, popunder or exit popup from another web site
-> As a link in your blog (or just copy the contents into your blog)
-> From an ezine classified ad or solo ad direct to your splash page

Q: Why should I include an opt-in form on my splash page?

A: Good question Eva! Tell me, what's the point of advertising for free or using paid methods to promote an affiliate link if you're going to just give away the traffic that you generate to the program owner?

Instead, why not make good use of the traffic and capture the name and email address of the interested prospect first. This allows the autoresponder series to kick in and do the job of selling the opportunity to your new prospect for you 24/7.

PLUS you're building a list at the very same time and creating a new relationship. That's very empowering don't you think?

Also, you can redirect the prospect directly to your affiliate web site after they have opted in. So it's not like an opt-in cuts anything out of the regular process of promoting. In fact, you gain more by including an opt-in form on your splash page.

Q: How hard is it to include an opt-in form on a splash page?

A: Not hard at all. If you have access to an autoresponder system and you create a few follow-up emails that detail the features and benefits of your program and explain exactly why the reader should join your opportunity, then you're likely to receive a new signup. Make sure you have at least 7 emails in the first series. (And don't be afraid to repeat the series at longer intervals after it has initially run. Who knows, they might have missed reading it the first time...).

All you need to do is login to your autoresponder system and look for the link to generate the form code for your opt-in box. Once generated, you then copy and paste the code into your web page HTML code where you'd like the opt-in box to be displayed. Then adjust the look and feel to suit your splash page layout.

HINT: A reader's eye will naturally go to the right hand side in the first fold of a page when viewing a web site. This area is the best place to position an opt-in box.

Q: How much information should I include on my splash page?

A: Just enough to pique the reader's interest and get them to opt-in.

Here are some tips:

- Use a keyword rich filename for your splash page. Or a keyword rich folder name and call the splash page index.html. Don't give the program name away in the folder or filename. Instead, consider using something like ... ngsolution or whatever... I think you get the idea.

- Use a large eye-catching headline that grabs the reader's attention straight away. Utilise a bigger font than normal (not a fancy italic one either - keep it simple).

- If you're short on content for your splash page, see what you can get from the actual affiliate site that you're promoting.

- Consider using arrows to direct the reader to the next step.
Click this button right --------> HERE!

- Use bait if you have to like a free report or download associated with the niche market of the program/product/service that you're promoting. For example, "Opt-In Now To Receive More Information & You'll Also Receive This Handy Dandy Download Absolutely Free As A Bonus! Woohoo!"

- Can your opportunity solve any of the reader's problems? Yes? Good! Make a point of listing them on your splash page.

- Benefits are always good -- People like to know what they'll be receiving, but you don't have to go into full detail on a splash page. Keep it short and the sweeter the better.

- Features: You don't have to include them on your splash page, but if there are any unique ones that could create a compelling Unique Selling Proposition (USP), then by all means include them. Especially as a subheading on the page.

- Graphics: If you want to include one or two graphics, use a royalty free stock photo that is relevant to the subject. Usually showing a person using something, doing something with a big smile on their face is a safe bet. Hey this could be YOU when you opt-in now!

-Testimonials: There's always room for a good testimonial or two. Check out the home page or testimonial page of your program to grab some copy, or better still -- write your own. It's always much more believable if it's written by you from your own wonderful experience.

- Consider including audios where applicable. BTW, audios that play automatically on page loading have a higher conversion than those that you turn on with a mouse click.

Q: How do you write a testimonial?

A: It's simple. Just write down how you truly feel about the product and how you found it to perform, or how the service improved your situation in some way. Did it save you time, money or effort? Include those things. Remember why you joined and consider that a prospect could feel the same way.

Once you have a good splash page created and you find that your promotions are converting well, then use the same design with altered content, graphics, headlines, colours etc. for other products or even the same one. Remember, there are often different targeted audiences for different programs. Try to appeal to specific ones with each splash page and you should do well.

I hope you found this helpful!

Real Estate Realities and Technology

Real Estate Realities
Whenever we say the word real estate the thing that pops into mind is flashing dollar signs. It is considered the shortcut to quick bucks. But ever wondered what really this industry is about and why it is the second largest employer after agriculture in India. It is the most coveted dream- to own their own house- most coveted investment-returns cannot be matched and it gives you steady income (read rent)- what fixed deposit, mutual fund, metal can hope to do this? Most importantly it is because on an average 60 % of a person's income is locked in real estate. We also have the issue of our weaknesses also being our biggest strengths. It is the only segment of an investor's wealth which is yet unregulated and has no entry barrier unlike stock brokerage and insurance. Market penetration is as yet low on an organised level. Translated this means potential and first mover advantage. We see a host of international property consultants and corporate houses entering the market. Though it is attracting a lot of attention these very problems shatter the quick buck dream. No proper information, uneducated and uniformed brokers are the biggest problem. Add to your woes is a highly informed customer who is soon considering to become a DIY-(do it yourself) customer. It is easy to have 200 leads but it is very difficult to match these leads, go through the documentation and close the sale. But it is even more difficult to collect your commission. Having put forth a general view I will still say it is the best time to be in real estate. You have virtually no competition if you decide to be professional, competent and deliver. Remax is the World's largest brokerage network and doing this work in an organized manner. Visit Remax India website for details on how to join organized real Estate network in your city.

Real Estate: A Technology Trauma
Yes you read it right! Technology is the all-pervading presence in our lives including our very own real estate. The nearest our industry has come to technology is: flashing smart-phones and no it's not because you use the smart-phone as a smart-phone. It is but a status symbol. I guess I am being too harsh. For the slightly more tech-savvy listing on a few popular portals and subscribing to a hundred different groups is what they do!
Yes my friend you did use technology-EUREKA! The real question is what did you GAIN out of it? The answer probably left you with what I call Technology Trauma. It affects those who don't understand this mammoth thus don't use it or use it but don't get the gains.

There is a lot to technology but here we will cover a few common ones. We shall have more posts taking in each aspect in detail. The problems:
Property websites: Lack of MLS system makes it difficult to check if the property is genuine. follows the MLS system which most of the other portals did not do.
Google Broker Groups: Number of Broker Groups available without a proper filter system. At Remax India, there is a huge network of Brokers and that too in your city. It covers almost all of the major cities in India.
Popularity on Search engines: Huge number of property websites with few genuine hits on each. Again you have an advantage with which could be easily searched through various search engines like Google and Bing.

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The Risks Of Red Clause Letters Of Credit

A letter of credit sometimes allows the financial institution to make advances to the beneficiary. The beneficiary uses these funds to find merchandise to prepare the merchandise for shipment. A clause that authorizes your bank to advance these funds was apparently written in red to warn banks and applicants inherent risks.

The perils are that the lending company and the beneficiary are in cahoots with each other to fleece the applicant. In Leonard A. Feinberg, Inc. v. Central Asia Capital Corp (974 F. Supp. 822 (ED Pa. 1997) the applicant contended that the funds advanced by the nominated bank to the beneficiary were not used to prepare the shipment, but to pay off the beneficiary's indebtedness towards the bank.
Even without collusion, the beneficiary can simply take the funds and run off. In these cases the applicant fails to avail him or herself of the safeguard offered by a letter of credit, namely, documentation evidencing suitable performance of the underlying contract.
Advancing funds before shipment is an invitation to be defrauded. The most secure way for the applicant to shield him or herself against deceit is to ask the beneficiary to have its bank issue a "letter of indemnity". This letter of indemnity, issued by the beneficiary's bank, serves to indemnify the applicant in case of fraud. However, a beneficiary who requests a red clause credit generally will lack the funds to satisfy collateral requirements a bank will impose before issuing this type of document.

A better option, and the manner typically used, is to at least be notified of the beneficiary's intent to draw on the red clause letter of credit. This notification cannot be agreed upon straight between applicant and beneficiary, but needs to be part of the letter of credit in order that it shapes the relationship between the bank and the beneficiary. The nominated bank won't have a contract with the applicant but only with the issuing bank. Hence, it cannot defend itself against a demand to advance funds by referencing the contract between applicant and named beneficiary . The correct way is for the applicant to include the notification requirement when opening the letter of credit with the issuing bank.
A notification of an intent to draw (typically 30 days advance notice) will be a first step to protect the seller; other more meaningful options for protection are to require documentation from the beneficiary of the beneficiary's promise to draw upon these funds only within 30 days, declarations of intent how the funds are going to be used, invoices etc.
To further help a seller without funds, the seller might agree with the nominated bank to issue a back-to-back letter of credit. A back-to-back letter of credit allows the beneficiary to utilize the letter of credit as collateral to obtain further financing. The beneficiary who needs to issue a letter of credit to his supplier may pledge the letter of credit to his bank as collateral for the issuance of a second LC.
In this case, the nominated bank, and not the buyer, as would be the case in a red clause credit, trusts the beneficiary of the first letter of credit and believes that he or she will comply with the obligations of the first letter credit. However, a bank issuing a back to back letter of credit might find itself in the uninviting position that it is obligated to pay the beneficiary of the back to back letter of credit (i.e. the credit to the benefit of the first beneficiary's supplier), but not be able to recover from the first beneficiary, since the first beneficiary did not comply with the requirements of the original letter of credit.

A better alternative for the cash-stripped beneficiary may be to partially assign the proceeds of the letter of credit to his supplier. However, in this case the supplier bears the risk, that the beneficiary will comply with all requirements under the LC.

Red letter clauses are hazardous in letter of credits and defeat the the objective of securing the buyer's position. Alternatives exist, but a cash-stripped seller has to convince either his bank, his supplier, or the buyer to share the risk of the beneficiary's non-compliance.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Get Free $100 Voucher From Google Analytics

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Follow these 4 easy steps to begin. Be sure to have the coupon code you received in your email offer handy.

1. Set up your account. Click on Sign up now, and create your AdWords account.
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4. Once you've opened your account, make sure you link it to your Google Analytics account. Click the Reporting tab and then Google Analytics on your AdWords dashboard and follow the instructions to link your accounts.

For more information on how to optimize your Google Analytics account, check out our Conversion University. You can also contact a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant for personalized help and tips.

To see testimonials on how AdWords has worked for businesses like yours, check out some of our case studies.

Promotional credit must be applied to a new AdWords account within 14 days of creating the account and is valid only for new Google AdWords customers with self-managed signup accounts and with billing addresses in the US. Advertisers will be charged for advertising that exceeds the promotional credit. Advertisers will need to suspend their ads if they do not wish to receive additional charges beyond the free credit amount. Subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of the Google AdWords Program standard terms and conditions. The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Google Inc. One promotional credit per customer. Advertisers with self-managed signup accounts in the US are subject to a USD activation fee that will be deducted from the promotional credit. Advertisers outside of the US, please refer to for activation fee. Offer designed for post-pay customers. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Expires 9/30/09.

Note: notice that Offer designed for post-pay customers. So if you don't want to be charged at all, make sure to monitor closely so your advertising campaign doesn't exceed the free advertising voucher.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Auto Levy Math Examples

I am not a lawyer, I am a Judgment Broker. This article is my opinion, from my California experiences, and laws are different in every state. If you ever need a strategy to use or legal advice, you should contact a lawyer.

Levying a judgment debtor's auto is expensive and complicated. This article has a car garnishment example, based on California law, with some approximate costs.

State laws vary widely, so be sure to check local laws and the court for procedures, and check costs with the local Sheriff department.

In California, if Sheriff garnishments are not bank accounts or wages, the judgment debtor's property must be auctioned by the sheriff. This makes garnishments of anything except bank accounts and wages very expensive.

Auction process are inefficient sales mechanisms which usually yield low relative prices, reducing what is available to satisfy the judgment. One day, perhaps Sheriff auctions will be on EBay.

The debtor's exemption is the first expense. That exemption is for only one vehicle owned by the debtor. This exemption is ,725, and if their vehicle is used in their work as a commercial vehicle, the exemption is ,900. The first ,725 or ,900 from an action sale, is returned to the debtor.

Buying a writ of execute from the court is . The Sheriff fee is approximately ,000 to begin a levy auction procedure.

Some good news is the Sheriff sometimes allows one to pay half the required amount (e.g., 0) to start. The bad news is that is only the beginning of an upward whirlpool of costs that could sometimes make you regret levying a judgment debtor's vehicle.

After the (so far) ,725 or ,900 in costs, there is the fee of a Sheriff's department charges to store the vehicle. In this article, the example is thirty days at per day for vehicle storage costs, totaling ,050.

In some situations, for example if the Sheriff is backlogged, or the judgment debtor files for bankruptcy protection, the storage costs you must always pay, increase dramatically.

One more way that bankruptcy can be unfair to creditors that levy a judgment debtor's vehicle, is that creditors must pay levy storage costs, even when the debtor's bankruptcy is eventually denied. Four months of storage charges might cost about ,200.

After all these expenses, the auction fees are usually 10% of what the selling price of the vehicle.

In this example so far, we are up to at least ,950 or ,775. To break even, a vehicle needs to sell for more than ,306 or ,840, to have a chance of paying anything toward satisfying the judgment.

Last but not least, there can also be the cost of paying off all prior vehicle loans.

The opening price at an auction is most often the price of the judgment debtor exemption and paying off previous loans on the vehicle.

Always show up at Sheriff auctions when the debtor's property is for sale. While you may be allowed to bid with judgment credit at an auction, you cannot credit bid for the judgment debtor's exemption, or to repay any previous loans on the vehicle.

If money is collected under a writ, it is collected under a writ of execution, it is applied first to the cost of obtaining a writ, second to any accrued interest, third to the levying officers fees and costs of performing the levy, and fourth to the judgment principal.

When the opening price bid is not met, the writ, at least 0 (often ,000) of the Sheriff department's charge, and the (at least) ,050 for storage, are your expenses, even when the vehicle does not sell.

As discussed earlier, vehicle storage charges may be prohibitive. If there are delays, it might be ,000 or more, meaning you could be out of pocket more than ,000. (You may get part of the Sheriff's charges back.)

I'm not an attorney. My opinion is that if the vehicle does not sell, it's usually returned to the debtor, and you might not be permitted to add your huge costs to what the judgment debtor owes, which is not fair.

Here's a hypothetical cost example on a California vehicle levy. This example assumes a good situation, where it makes sense to levy the debtor's vehicle. As mentioned earlier, in many cases, one may lose a lot of money trying this.

In our example, the debtor's vehicle is a car, having a Kelley Blue Book private-party value of ,000, and a prior ,000 loan that has to be paid off.

The winning auction bid (75 percent of the Kelley Blue Book private-party value) was ,250.

The fees could go this way: ,250, minus a 10% auction fee of ,125, minus ,000 to repay the prior loan, and the debtor exemption for the personal vehicle of ,725, leaving a gross total for the judgment creditor of: ,125.

That ,125 gross total has expenses. The vehicle storage fee for example, could be ,000. Also, writ and levying officer fees of 5, auction inspection and detailing fees of 0, leaving a net ,560 for the creditor.

After an auction sale, like a bank levy, the sheriff returns the writ of execution to the court, listing the amount paid to the judgment creditor. That amount is credited toward satisfying the judgment, no matter what costs the creditor incurred.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top Five Reasons Why Mortgage Applications Get Rejected

Are you applying for a new mortgage or a mortgage refinance? Its all too common a situation when you have applied for a mortgage with all the hope of moving into that new house only to find out that your financial institution has turned down your application for a mortgage refinance. All those dreams of a new home come crashing down in flames. But then, this need not happen if you get educated about how these mortgage issuers work and then do exactly as they want you to. So, what are these ways?
Below are the five most popular reasons why mortgage applications get rejected - some of them even at the final stage when you are all gung-ho about moving into the new house. By avoiding these five traps, you stand to have a better likeliness of actually having your application for mortgage approved.
1. A Low Credit Rating
Do you know the first thing a mortgage lender will do when you ask them for a loan? One of the first thing the mortgage lender will do when you submit your loan application is to check your credit ratings. Your credit report is easily available to lenders on request if you have submitted an application to them. Getting your credit rating can easily be obtained from all three reporting bureaus. If you have had a bankruptcy or a liquidation of assets, your mortgage application might be already shot. Even things like late payments can be too bad. All kinds of loans are checked - your credit card loans, your personal loans, your business loans, etc. In fact, a lending instruction will go as far as evaluating how you paid back your student loans as they evaluate whether or not to approve your mortgage.
2. High Price of Property
Some sellers would peg a very high price on the property they are selling. This could be because of several factors like location, amenities, condition of house, etc. But the lenders might find such high prices quite unrealistic to finance for. If there's a property whose worth is just about 100,000 in the market, but someone is wishing to sell it for 500,000, then no seller would want to come forward to finance it. This is one more reason why mortgage applications fail.
3. Appraisal Value of Property is Low
This ties in with the above point, actually, but it is different. When you make a mortgage application, the lenders will send their experts to the venue to check out the property and to assess its market value. This step is called as appraisal. Many times, the mortgage application is rejected at appraisal because the value of the property is assessed to be lower than what is applied for.
4. Insufficient Funds in Bank Account
You are not going to get all the funding for the property from the mortgage. You will have to shell out 5 to 25% of the value from your own pocket. Plus there are the fees due at closing to consider. The lenders will dig into your bank account for these fees. If you do not have the right funds ready for them, they will reject. Yes, many lenders just reject without justifying the reason, when the actual reason might be that they have looked into your bank account and made the impression that you would not be able to pay the remaining charges and property value.
5. Too Much Debt
Struggling under a lot of debt is never helpful and especially not good for your mortgage application. If you have too many loans that you are somehow juggling, the lenders would not like to burden you with another. Your level of debt can easily be see on your credit report.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bankruptcy Car Financing Should Not Be Humiliating

Bankruptcy Does Not Mean No Car Loan

If you are suffering from a bankruptcy on your credit history, you need to immediately get a mindset that no one is doing you a favor by financing or selling you a car. If anything, you are doing the lender or the dealer a favor by offering them the chance to help you with your bankruptcy car financing. If a dealer or lender tells you that he or she is doing you a favor, you need to find another dealer. A lender or a car dealer should treat those with a bankruptcy with the same respect and integrity offered to good-credit borrowers. Many people have suffered a bankruptcy in these dismal economic times.

No Preconceived Notions

You may have been hearing or reading that bankruptcy car financing is not possible. Nothing could be further from the truth. Much of that stuff probably does not even pertain to you. Your bankruptcy car financing is as individual as yourself. You will want to find a lender or car dealer who will sit down with you and discuss your particular needs in light of where you stand financially.

Bankruptcy aside, your lender or salesperson will want to know some important factors:

Do you have a steady job with a decent salary?

Does your salary afford you the wherewithal to meet a bankruptcy car financing payment?

Do you intend honor the repayment terms as specified in the contract?

Other factors for bankruptcy car financing will require some documentation as well:

Have you been on the job for at least three months? (pay stubs or bank statements)

Do you have proof of residency? (usually a utility or cell phone bill)

Have you held a direct-deposit checking account for at least three months? (bank statements)

Have you reached the age of majority? Government issued identification to prove it? (18-21 by state)

Your lender or seller may want to ask you specific questions about your bankruptcy. To qualify for bankruptcy car financing, be prepared to answer these or similar questions:

How long have you been unemployed? Or, did you have a temporary job loss?

Did you have to take a temporary personal leave of absence?

Did you or a family member have unexpected medical bills?

Did you go through a divorce?

If you can find a good lender or seller who is willing to sit down, have a conversation revolving around you and your need for bankruptcy car financing, and who treats you the same as someone with a good credit report, you are probably in good hands.

Bankruptcy Is a Trial, Humiliation Should Not Be Added

Of course bankruptcy is going to have you feeling some negative emotions about yourself, your finances and maybe even the world in general. Sometimes bankruptcies are the result of bad or even dishonest choices, but this is not the rule off thumb. Bankruptcies happen to good people and it is a way to start anew and start rebuilding. Many have been down the same path; you are not a financial pariah. A good thing about bankruptcy car financing: If you make your payments on time and see the loan through to maturity according to the terms of your contract, you will be taking a big step toward getting your credit history back in shape.

Key Points That You Can Receive From a Home Loan Modification Program

The global economic downturn today leads a lot of people to lose their property, and millions of people are in the brink of home foreclosure. This is the reason why financial institutions offer a lot of methods that will help their clients pay off their mortgage. One of the methods that are rapidly becoming popular for people who are having problems with their mortgage is called home loan modification.

This particular method will allow the debtor to modify the terms of payment to make it favorable for both the lender and debtor. Although it is already very popular, most banks don't suggest this method to their clients because once this is applied, they will be losing a lot of benefits that goes to the side of the debtor.

Although anyone can apply for a home loan modification, you need to understand that not everyone can get their application approved. An applicant must be able to prove his financial hardship by providing several documents that shows his monthly income. Another factor that could cause your application to be rejected is your debt to income ratio. If you are already paying a monthly amount lower than your debt to income ratio or 31% of your gross income, then your application will most likely be rejected.

Some of the benefits of a home loan modification include:

- Extension of loans for up to 40 years.

- Reducing the monthly interest rate to as low as 2%.

- You will only be paying for the real value of your property.

- Quotes can help you determine whether you are qualified, and you don't have to wait for months just to know whether you have high chances of getting your home loan modification approved.

- You don't have to be in the brink of foreclosure just to apply for this method. As long as you are having problems with your finances, you can easily apply for this particular program.

If you search the Internet, you will be seeing a lot of companies who are willing to help people like you to fix their mortgage. You can also approach them to ask for a free online quote, which can help you further assess your current financial situation and determine whether you are eligible for a home loan modification. Always keep in mind that you don't have to lose your property just because you can't pay for it. There are a lot of methods and institutions who are willing to help you avoid home foreclosure.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

States to Raise the Threshold for Investment Immigration

"That the United States could get a green card to buy a house how investment projects?" Not long ago the U.S. House to come to the fall exhibitions will be selling, because the word "investment by the green card" on the cover, by the strong interest many readers. However, industry experts believe that $ 500,000 investment for a green card, this thing though not impossible, but the risk is much difficult to implement.

$ 500,000 is only "first order"

"$ 500,000 was a green card!" In the exhibitions at the, a number of developers have told reporters that the rhetoric promised a U.S. Marriott hotel project another $ 37,500 or even profit payments. But this $ 500,000, only the first step to apply for emigration. Further advice to the agents, the reporter found, in addition to the specified deposit 50 million investment banks, there must be some new costs: $ 60,000 application fee, including immigration lawyers fees, investment companies operating management fee; 5 interest on investments during the year (since 5 years, only to get back $ 500,000 of principal, interest, naturally, should be considered as external expenses), as well as the cost of 10 jobs.

"According to the U.S. investment investment immigration law immigration program, in order to obtain EB-5 visa, the investor must invest at least $ 500,000 U.S., and directly or indirectly create 10 jobs. This is the established law, even if the president can not free to go against, so, to seek investment of $ 500,000 just to buy a house, you can get a green card, which is impossible. "Howells, CEO of Xiao-Ning Li told reporters, plus insurance and welfare, wages and salaries, each providing a U.S. employment opportunities, investors have to pay per year nearly 5 million in the cost of labor employment.

10 jobs is not a small risk

"Buy a house is by no means 100% get a green card!" EB-5 project manager, Lake Buena Vista Resort Kosmas, senior vice president, said to seriously, after a preliminary examination of immigration, investors only got the first two years temporary green card, immigration will be two years for investors to stringent tests, the test period, there are many uncertainties.

One of the risks in these two years, investors still have a stable, legitimate and lucrative source of income in order to prove to immigration has always been a good credit qualification; risk of the second, investors must remain invested in the project within two years of operation and employment conditions to ensure that investment in two years, immigration has managed to maintain obligations. In other words, if your investment in the United States appeared depreciation can not afford to hire 10 employees, failed to be implemented not only your money, you would like to wish into a permanent green card will come to nothing.

"Can apply for and apply to, and this is definitely the two concepts. U.S. green card application is determined by the immigration authorities, not real estate developers, manufacturers, or gold. Buy a house so that it can, and may want to use in exchange for a green card, too much variability. "Xiao-Ning Li told reporters that the economic situation is in a good environment, the creation of 10 jobs are not easy, not to mention now the U.S. economy was still difficult recovery, the unemployment rate is astonishingly high, can have a stable revenue more difficult to find investment projects.

Investment immigration to raise the threshold

"Financial crisis for countries to a substantial increase in the unemployment rate, which is the tightening of the recent multi-country skilled migrants have one of the main factors." Xiao-Ning Li told reporters.

It is understood that in this year, double the threshold of the Canadian Immigrant Investor, from 40 million Canadian dollars to 80 million Canadian dollars; Australia, the applicant raised the proportion of investment in our business, now requires that if a listed company, the applicant stake not less than 10%; if the company's annual turnover is 40 million Australian dollars (about 2.62 million) or more, the applicant's ownership percentage is not less than 30%. Worth the most recent elevation, it is the Chinese Government's ban provisions from 14 October 2010, the investment threshold of resettlement funds increased from 650 million Hong Kong dollars 10 million, and real estate investment in permissible investment assets, excluding temporary category.

"It tightened in several countries and regions, the threshold for investment immigration, I think it is a signal that money can invest time has passed, countries in the future would be willing to absorb the quality of talent they thought." Xiao-Ning Li analysis 2011, personal "retail" purchase of real estate wave of the U.S. and Europe will be weakened, agencies do have some groups may start to enter the overseas property market.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Helpful Photography Tips:shooting In Monochrome

Shooting in Monochrome
To give a contemporary photo an old-fashioned feel, try shooting in monochrome. A picture done entirely in black and white or sepia tones achieves on old time look. Rather than editing the picture through a computer program, many digital cameras feature a setting that enables you to actually shoot the images directly in monochrome.

The monochrome setting option simplifies the process of creating these stunning pictures. No software or special knowledge of photo editing is required to produce these stunning images. Depending on what type of digital camera you have, the monochrome setting will be located in the My Colours, Colour or Picture Style settings menu.

Types of monochrome settings
Once you've located the monochrome setting, you will see that you have different options. Black and white and sepia settings are offered by most digital cameras. Colour monochrome settings, such as green and blue, are included in some cameras as well. The more advanced cameras enable you to enhance the monochrome mode with various coloured filters. These filters allow you to achieve a number of effects. For instance, you can recreate the effect of a red filter over black and white film. Also, any colours in the subject that are the same colour as the filter can be selectively lightened.

Choosing a setting
Consider the emotion you want the photo to evoke. Sepia tones create a different feel than black and white, and vice versa. For example, a sepia-toned image will present a softer look, reminiscent of antique photos. Black and white, on the other hand, is ideal for photographing strong structural elements for stark contrasts.

Choosing your subject
Landscapes and city scenes tend to feature strong structural elements, such as buildings. Shadows actually enhance these subjects. Sunlight casts the lines and angles with dramatic patterns. To record the most detail possible, use an ISO setting of 200 or less. Low ISO settings best capture the shadows and structures that make for striking monochrome photos.

Gentle, more romantic settings also lend themselves well to monochrome mode. A dream-like or nostalgic mood can be evoked through monochrome photography. Subtle nuances emerge through the variations in tone.

Portraits, of both pets and people, are excellent subjects for monochrome photographs, particularly those done in black and white. You can vary the effect by changing the lighting. Soft light minimises the appearance of blemishes. Directional lighting, lighting which emanates from a single source, accentuates facial features.

Tips for shooting in monochrome
As explained above, the monochrome setting directly captures monochrome images. No colour information is recorded. While colour photos can be made monochrome with computer software, a photo taken in the monochrome setting cannot be reverted to colour. That is, unless you take the pictures in RAW format.

Try using your digital camera's flash, whether inside or outside, when taking monochrome photos. Although the flash might washout an image taken in colour, that same flash can cast desirable dramatic shadows in monochrome.

Experiment with the different filters before you start taking photos. Your efforts will be better directed if you first know the effect that each filter achieves.

This article was brought to you by Canon Australia - Helpful photography tips

About Canon

Canon Australia is a leading provider of advanced, simple-to-use imaging solutions for businesses and consumers. Canon's Australian R&D company, CiSRA, develops customised solutions for local customers, and exports digital imaging technologies for use in Canon products worldwide. Canon has ranked among the top-three US patent recipients for the past 16 years, and had global revenues of around $ US39 billion in 2007. Canon Australia also operates Canon Finance Australia, which offers one-stop shopping for customers wanting leasing or finance services. For more information, visit

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Foreclosures Of Rich And Famous People

Although the rich and famous are rich and famous, it doesn't mean that they are impervious to the popping of the real estate bubble. Many have succumbed to real estate woes as of late.

Ed McMahon had tabloids a talking when his real estate troubles became front page news last year. The now deceased celebrity attributed his dollar difficulties to alimony paid out to ex-wives and the economic downturn.

Aretha Franklin set the record straight about her exclusive Detroit suburban home. It went into foreclosure due to non-payment of property tax. She could have lost her 0,000 home to foreclosure due to 5 in back property taxes that accumulated into ,000, since 2005. She said it was an oversight by her attorney. Once alerted of the situation, the Queen of Soul satisfied the debt.

Amber Frey, infamous ex-mistress of convicted murderer Scott Peterson lost her home northern California home to foreclosure. At auction, the asking price was over 0,000 less than the original purchase price. No one snatched up the deal at a low 5,000. She ended up surrendering the property to the bank.

Fantasia of American Idol fame came close to losing her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The R&B singer settled with her Florida lender just days before the auction was scheduled to sell her pond-front home.

Extreme Makeover scandal hit the Harper family home in Atlanta, George when it went into foreclosure and would have been sold had it not been for ... even more ... generous donations. The most expansive Extreme Makeover ever seen was completed with much dedication, sweat and effort by volunteers, along with a deluge of donated dollars. Taking out a 0,000+ loan for a construction business that went belly up put the Harper's home in harm's way.

Laura Richardson, California Congresswoman, fell behind on property tax and mortgage payments in 2008. To the disdain of Sharon Helmar who sold it to her, the Long Beach home went into foreclosure and was sold. Neighbors noted that she did not keep up the lawn or take out her garbage.

Sports figures are not unfamiliar with foreclosure, either. Latrell "Spree" Sprewell, former NBA guard known for choking his then Coach P. J. Carlesimo, lost his 70-foot yacht and his Milwaukee home to foreclosure. Assessed at a mere 8,000, the home's value was nowhere near what most other sports professionals in his pay range own.

Jose Conseco experienced women woes, which caused him to lose his expansive 7,300 square foot Encino, California mansion. At least, that's his story. He said he lost to million on his two divorces that left him hard up for cash and was unable to pay his mortgage.

Not to anyone's surprise, Michael Vick's home was in foreclosure, since he was in prison and no longer could come up with the cash. Once NFL's highest paid player, the dog-fight diva was convicted and was to serve 23 months in prison. He was released earlier this year to serve out the rest of his sentence in home confinement.

Evander Holyfield, famous for his fight with Mike "I'll Bite Your Ear Off" Tyson, had his Fairburn, Georgia home in foreclosure. He was also behind on child support payments to a mother of one of his eleven children, and being sued for not paying 0,000 he loaned he owed to a consulting company.

Michael Jackson (King of Pop), MC Hammer (Hammertime fame), Veronica Hearst (Randolph Hearst widow), Scott Storch (previous hip-hop producer), Damon Dash (hip-hop mogul), Doug E. Fresh (rap icon), Vin Baker (former NBA star), Wyclef Jean (Fugees' frontman) and other famous actors, performers and sports professionals have all experienced foreclosure.

Personal Loan vs. Payday Advance: Which is Better?

So you've found yourself in a bit of a financial bind, and need a little help to get through it. Don't be embarrassed; it's happened to just about everyone at some point or another. What you need to do now is figure out how to deal with it in the best way.

And if your credit cards are maxed out, and your family members or friends can't help, there are only a couple of real options: 1) a personal unsecured loan, or 2) a payday advance.

Both Personal Loans and Payday Advances may help get you out of a short term financial jam. So now comes the very valid question: Which is better? Well, that can depend a lot on your personal situation, and what you hope to get out of the situation (besides the obvious cash). So let's take a quick look at both.

PAYDAY ADVANCE (LOAN): It's a cash advance, not a loan!
Many people refer to this option as a payday loan. However, the more accurate description is "payday advance." It is not a loan. It is a cash advance with a large fee. You write a check to the Payday Advance company. They typically give you 80% of the check amount in cash, and then they hold the check until your "payday" which is typically when the money to cover the full amount of the check will be in your checking account. The Payday Advance company then deposits the check and keeps the 20% as their fee for the cash advance.

Odds are you've seen the brightly lit signs of a Payday Advance shop next to some liquor store or in a strip mall, or you have seen them advertised on TV, in e-mails or in banner ads online. The amount of money Payday Advance companies can provide is limited by state law and is typically a maximum of about 0. In California, the maximum advance is 0.

So, the advance may be enough to get you through small cash emergencies when you're between paychecks. If you need a quick couple of hundred bucks for groceries, if your car's alternator goes out, you chip a tooth, etc a Payday Advance might be a viable, but very expensive, option.

However, very often a Payday Advance is only enough to delay the cash emergency for a few weeks, and not enough to get you totally out of it. As a result many people find themselves getting multiple Payday Advances, which can be extremely expensive when each advance costs you a 20% fee. Ten payday advances over the course of year would equal an effective interest rate of over 200%! A very expensive way to go.

And, since a payday advance is not an actual loan, it can do nothing to help your credit status.

PERSONAL LOANS: Get much more money at a much lower cost.
A personal loan is actually a loan that you repay over time via affordable monthly payments. You can get much more cash than you get from those payday advance places - and you don't pay a 20% fee over two weeks!

Of course, if your credit isn't perfect, your bank will turn you down very quickly. However, CashCall makes personal unsecured loans, up to ,000, to people in a cash jam, who have less than perfect credit! This is the kind of money that can really help if you're facing major car repairs, medical issues, looming bills, etc. The loan money is placed directly into your checking account in about a day, and there are no limitations on how you can use your cash. It's up to you.

A personal unsecured loan from a company like CashCall doesn't require any collateral or security. You don't need to be a homeowner, you don't need to turn over the title to your car you don't need to do anything except apply, and provide some simple paperwork. The cash can be in your checking account the next day.

You use the money to get out of the jam you're in. And then, you can either make the affordable monthly payments or repay the loan when you can. There are never any fees or penalties for repaying the loan early, and you will minimize the interest you pay by repaying the loan sooner rather than later.

Another benefit of a personal loan from CashCall is that you can actually improve your credit score by making your monthly payments on time. That's right, you can rebuild your credit because CashCall provides all three credit agencies (Experian, Transunion, and Equifax) with your payment information because it is an actual loan, not a cash advance! And in the long term, that's the kind of thing that can truly get you back on your feet.

CashCall Personal Loans offers high-interest-bearing, unsecured term loans to qualified borrowers who typically use the loans for one-time purchases and debt consolidation. These loans of up to ,000 are processed entirely over the Internet, phone and fax, and funds are wired into the borrower's checking account typically within 24 hours. CashCall Personal Loans are a good alternative to Payday Loans for borrowers. While interest rates are high, they are typically much lower than those of payday lenders, and CashCall Personal Loans have the potential to help customers rebuild their credit score by making payments on time.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Window And Door Trim Pediments

Pediments do not make a home look pedestrian. Pediments do not cause the surroundings to seem dull or ordinary. Pediments provide the homeowner with a way to enhance a window or a door. Pediments can be used both inside the home and out in the yard.

A pediment is a decorative piece that can be placed above the top of a window or a door. Pediments have been made from architectural polymers, fiberglass, wood and metal. Window pediments are typically made from whatever material has been used to make the window frame.

Door trim pediments can serve to enhance the arch of a doorway. Inside the home or public building, door trim pediments can take many forms. One popular form is the acorn pediment. Here an acorn-shaped object stands between two angled pieces of wood or plastic. This pediment is then placed over the top of a doorway.

Outside pediments can be used on arches, breezeways, veranda posts, and columns. The most common outdoor pediment is the gable pediment. All gable pediments are composed of a triangle with a 120-degree angle at the top and two 30-degree angles at the base. Inside the triangle goes whatever design has been selected by whoever has placed the order for a pediment. Gable pediments are generally made of metal.

If pediments are used outdoors on windows or doors, then those pediments need to blend well with the woodwork or shutters on the exterior. A failure to match any pediments with the woodwork or shutters could detract from the beauty of a home. Outside some variety in the styles of various pediments might be useful. One could for example choose different pediments for each of the arches going into a yard's different gardens.

Some gardeners in California have expertly used this variation in pediments. The community of Del Rey, CA created a special neighborhood garden. Later they received added funding, allowing the addition of a special reading garden. They have used a metal arch with pediment to welcome readers to this new garden.

Now as this community group obtains further funding, it could decide to add even more gardens. Each of those gardens could be given a unique character by the placement of an arch, an arch with a specially selected type of pediment. A trip through such a garden would signal the passing of the garden visitor from one section of garden to another.

Here's What You Need To Know About Payday Loans

Payday loans have become quite popular in the United States because they come to the rescue of many people at critical times before they receive their salaries. The short-term loans, which are also known as payday advances, are borrowed to help in taking care of urgent needs before the salaries arrive. Even the most budget-conscious person can get into an emergency situation where such a loan may prove helpful.

In general, the loans amount to about 20 percent of the gross monthly wage. While they used to be more popular with low-income earners, the advances are nowadays common even among well-paid individuals.

Are the Advances Accepted Everywhere

The payday advances are legal in 37 U.S. states where there are guiding regulations. However, the laws in some states make the advances either not feasible or against the law.

The Application Process

The process of getting a payday advance is relatively simple and there is usually no need for a credit check. Many lenders ask for the following requirements:

Proof of steady income.

A monthly wage of at least 0 although this depends on the lender and state.

A citizen who is 18 years old or above.

An active bank account where direct deposits can be processed.

Applicants must provide their banking details and confirm their identities. Although this process is often conducted via fax, there are also faxless services. As a rule of thumb, no fee should be paid up front. Borrowers may apply for the loans at storefronts but many applications are nowadays processed online.

How is the Money Received?

The money is transferred directly into the borrower's bank account for online applications. In case of storefront loans, the borrowers provide post-dated checks covering the loan amount and related charges in exchange for cashable checks for their loan amounts. Some lenders may also provide cash.


The cash advances are usually repaid in one lump sum when the loan term ends. Post-dated checks are cashed at the right time. Alternatively, the amount is withdrawn from the borrowers' bank accounts in case of online transactions.

The loans are usually payable within a fortnight. However, the time may find a borrower still unprepared. National Trade Association members are required to provide extended payment plans at no extra cost. Some states also have laws requiring extension of payment plans.

However, extension must not be confused with rollover, which is effectively another loan on top of the existing one with additional charges.


These advances have several advantages over conventional loans.

The amount of money borrowed in relatively small

Loan applications are less complicated and take a short time.

The loan amounts are received quickly, which makes them ideal for emergency situations.

The one-time fees are usually stated in advance so the borrowers know exactly what they will pay.

Available to those with poor credit ratings who cannot get other types of loans.

The term of the loans is short, often one month at most.

It is important for borrowers to understand that payday loans are meant to address short-term financial difficulties. These may be such emergency situations as medical or auto repair expenses that must be met before the end of the month.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feldman Law Center - Foreclosure ethics alert from the California State Bar

When a San Diego attorney was asked recently if he wanted to associate with a loan modification company offering stop foreclosure and loan modification services, he saw red flags. During a loan mod seminar he was approached by several others, he expressed concern about potential ethical constraints, such as splitting fees with non-lawyers and soliciting clients, but "they tried to explain some easy loopholes. With only being out of Law School a couple of years and trying to pay off student loans as well as other debt the temptation was there but the risk seemed too great. After consulting with both the Department of Real Estate and the State Bar's Ethics Hotline, the decision was made to decline the multiple offers.

"It seems to be the flavor of the month" says Steven C. Feldman with the Feldman Law Center. Attorney based and attorney backed loan modification attorneys are popping up and closing down at a record pace in California. Many ex mortgage brokers want to avoid the DRE's advance fee agreement while still possessing the salability of having an attorney on staff. In most circumstancesit's all smoke and mirrors. Several attorneys have their name attached to multiple loan modification companies and while an attorney can be counsel for several companies this is not what's really happening. The intention is to add credibility to the loan modification company and to collect upfront fees from homeowners facing foreclosure. Since Steven C. Feldman opened the Feldman Law Center over a year ago there have been many been many imitators providing stop foreclosure and loan modification services. Many attorneys have contacted the State Bar for ethics advice that its professional responsibility committee issued an alert last month offering guidance to lawyers thinking about signing up. "The most important thing is for lawyers to understand this area is fraught with danger from an ethics point of view," said Jon Rewinski, a Los Angeles litigator who drafted the ethics alert.

California law specifically addresses foreclosure consultants and restricts their activities; among other things, they are prohibited from collecting upfront fees for their work. However, because attorneys are permitted to accept advance fees, they are in demand by some loan modification businesses. (Licensed brokers also may accept advance fees under certain circumstances.) Although the Brokers may collect up front monies with an approved DRE advance fee agreement what happens when the property goes into foreclosure and the client is in REAL jeopardy of losing their home to a trustee sale?. These are the instances where home owners need an attorney that works for them, not a front for a loan modification company. The relationship between Mortgage Brokers and Attorneys can be a lucrative one, with some Brokers paying the attorney as much as 0.00 per file just to use their name. In one instance there was a police report filed against an attorney for destroying a broker's office and attacking the staff for using his name while making false statements." Many of these loan mod companies have a higher turnover in attorneys than they did with loan officers from the subprime lending days" says a Broker that asked to remain anonymous.

According to the alert, posted on the California State Bar's home page (, "There is evidence that foreclosure consultants may be attempting to avoid the statutory prohibition on collecting a fee before any services have been rendered by having a lawyer work with them in foreclosure consultations."

The alert goes on to list a series of ethics rules prohibiting lawyers from:

paying a referral or marketing fee to a foreclosure consultant or other person for referring distressed homeowners to the lawyer;
directly or indirectly splitting fees earned from a distressed homeowner client with the foreclosure consultant or any other non-lawyer;
aiding a foreclosure consultant or anyone else in the unauthorized practice of law or forming a partnership or joint venture with a foreclosure consultant or other non-lawyer if any of its activities would involve providing legal services;
contacting in person or by telephone a distressed homeowner referred by a foreclosure consultant or someone else unless the lawyer has a family or prior professional relationship with the homeowner;
filing a lawsuit without good cause or motions in a lawsuit that are simply intended to delay or impede a foreclosure sale; and
Failing to perform legal services with competence.

The alert also describes a series of scenarios that may land lawyers in legal hot water. For example, a non-lawyer may offer a large number of referrals and a promise of easy money; may request that the lawyer pay a referral or marketing fee; or may ask a lawyer to enter into a joint venture with a distressed homeowner and the consultant. Much of this conduct violates the Rules of Professional Conduct, the alert warns. Many websites, T.V. and radio commercials by loan modification companies are steering clients to an attorney. This is illegal, but has become a common practice. There is a new website set up to help homeowners get information on loan modification programs and find legitimate sources for loan modifications called . A home owner facing foreclosure may choose to work directly with their lender but in most cases this fails. Hiring an attorney to stop foreclosure or provide loan modification services will cost ,000 to ,000 but the results may be well worth it. Most home owners are declined when attempting to modify their loan without assistance.

The bar's Ethics Hotline, a free confidential research service for attorneys, has been receiving between one and two dozen calls a day for the last six months dealing with the residential mortgage crisis and loan modification about 15 to 25 percent of its daily call volume.

Scott Drexel, the bar's chief prosecutor, says that for the last three months, the bar has received 50 complaints each day about 950 complaints a month about lawyers involved in some way with the foreclosure crisis. While the complaints run the gamut, Drexel said the most common concerns lawyers who lend their name to a loan modification operation but non-lawyers do most of the work. The non-lawyers get fees upfront through the lawyer and either do not complete the modification or do it incompetently. As a result, he said, the client loses his or her money.

Calling the number of complaints "shockingly high," Drexel said his office is "quite concerned. We're especially concerned with attorneys allowing their names to be used by non-attorneys in some of these loan modification schemes or scams." There have been several loan modification scams set up by non attorneys that unknowingly involve a new or retired attorney not knowing any better or worse yet involved with at the highest level. Many of these loan modification companies go to the extreme of using words like legal, law, attorney in their company name and advertising. "We see it all the time" says Feldman, who has suffered from having unscrupulous attorneys and loan mod companies impersonating unhappy clients on the internet claiming they were scammed by the Feldman law Center. Feldman goes on to say "we have had hundreds of clients come to us after they have been scammed by a loan modification or stop foreclosure company. When you hire an attorney you get legal advice and legal representation which this is not the case with these other companies. Home owners stuck in a financial nightmare need good, solid legal advice. They need to know all of their options in avoiding foreclosure and/or what to expect during the foreclosure process.

The Department of Real Estate reports complaints about lawyers involved in loan modification programs who act as fronts or work in-house. "We're not certain if they are practicing law or just lending their names," said chief counsel Wayne Bell.

The department has no jurisdiction over lawyers but can issue cease and desist orders against unlicensed people who operate as real estate licensees who violate real the law.

A licensee can collect advance fees before a notice of default is recorded if he or she has received a "no object" letter from the DRE. Such a letter is issued after a licensee submits an advance fee agreement, accounting format and any advertising or promotional materials for review. But the letter does not mean the department endorses a particular service. In addition, most loan modification scams start with a mail offer or a telemarketer making fraudulent claims or posing as their lender and or stating they were assigned by their lender to provide a loan modification and request all the home owners' personal and financial information.

The Department of Real Estate also has posted a consumer alert on its Web site ( warning homeowners to beware of individuals or companies that offer to help work out a loan modification with lenders or provide other services that protect against foreclosure. The department is part of task forces operating in northern and southern California with county, state and federal prosecutors looking at loan modification efforts that cross the line into foreclosure scams. This is a good reason for struggling home owners to hire an attorney that has his name on the door. There are several in California that are reputable and have been providing loan modification services for over a year now. Steven C. Feldman, Timothy Mc Farlin and Greg Pavia were the first on the scene and now attorneys are surfacing on the internet, newspaper and radio at a record pace offering loan modifications.

Rewinski said the bar's alert is not meant to suggest that distressed homeowners are not entitled to legal counsel; on the contrary, they may well need legal help and lawyers should be able to assist them. "Distressed homeowners should seek legal advice as one of their options," he said. "There are pro bono resources and, of course, lawyers who will help on a paid basis."

Bell agreed that many lawyers are legitimately helping clients with foreclosure and other credit issues. "If they are helping a client, engaged in providing professional services, that's within their purview," he said. "If they're accepting fees and sharing those moneys with non-lawyers, you have all the problems this ethics alert deals with." The main questions, he added, are "Is the lawyer really actually performing legal services, is the lawyer bringing his or her professional skills and abilities to assist the client, and are they actually having face-to-face meetings with clients?"

Bell said when consumers who are in desperate financial straits see the word lawyer, "they somehow believe they're going to get a higher level of care." For the lawyer, he added, "the question becomes, if I lend my name to loan modification company, am I adding any value?"
Home owners facing the threat of foreclosure should have the ability to meet or speak directly to the attorney handling their case. If not, then the attorney/law office is no more than a foreclosure consultant and one should consider searching further for a law firm that will offer a face to face meeting with the attorney.