Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Financial Attraction

Birds of a feather, flock together and you are known by the company you keep, are well known sayings regarding probable human character assessment. We assume that the two sayings are true and therefore expect any one of a certain group, to act as the others in that same grouping. It may be a conditioned behavior to do this and yet not necessarily incorrect. The temptation to do so is also greatest when the similarities are visual, notorious and distinct from those of other groups. But it is easy to be misled and make an incorrect character assessment also, if further study or data isn't made or considered. Anyone can be fooled by an imposter.

When meeting and getting to know people as individuals, it is comforting sometimes to be able to categorize them into a group or groups, based on their appearance, conversation and self disclosure. Additionally, if they fit into a group or groups that we like, we're tempted to further or advance the friendship. This is done as we believe the sayings mentioned above to be true and feel that continued interaction with this person might be nice or good. If, we ask the right questions, we usually believe we can find out which of our comfortable and uncomfortable groups our new friend fits in. However please take note that the keyword in doing this is if. And this is important to remember, because some of the questions that might give us valuable insight into the possibilities of our new friend, we are often reluctant to ask. They're awkward and might offend, so we try to smoke out the answers below the radar with other tricky and seemingly benign questions. The type that might get them talking and maybe indicating some things about themselves in the areas in which we are interested. Don't feel bad or sneaky, everyone does it and no one gets hurt.

Given the reality of this phenomenon and the fact that it happens to us all, it may be wise to give it some advance thought. We might want to consider what we show and tell, that may help those wanting to know us make accurate assessments. To do so we have to question ourselves regarding information others might find valuable in their process of making sound assessments and decisions, regarding us. What groups will you be assessed in and are there others in which you would like to be placed? Some groups are universally liked while others are scorned. You wouldn't want to be grouped as immature yet you may like to seem youthful to some. But these are the easy ones to prepare for. What questions might someone be reluctant to ask about you but yet anxious to know the answers? How important are these questions and when or how do the availability and quality of their answers affect you? Let's take a look.

No personal relationship is more important than that of a potential, future spouse. It is also the one where the veracity of the assessments and the grouping placements, matter most to the parties involved. In such situations we like to be as highly assessed as possible, to have maximal choice opportunity, and to edge out any possible competition. And as in most decisions we make in life, there is a financial component of the mate selection process, so please be prepared. This is even more important now, given the tumultuous economic times we live in. What group would you like to be placed in and how can you assure your assignment? What financial group is most valuable of the ones that are most prevalent? What group do you and others, want to find members of? Keep in mind however, that the rich most often marry the rich. Sorry friend.

The book of Proverbs contains much instruction regarding the financial way of God. It is given for understanding, wisdom and judgment, in all things (Proverbs 1:1-9). Consider the ant's economic way it says in chapter 6 verse 6 and that in the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble in chapter 15 verse 6. It's a great book to read when considering how you will be perceived and assessed by others. It can help one be a financially attractive person and that is a good group in which to be placed. Seek God's kingdom and His righteousness in your finances, talking about it with those that might be a potential mate someday (Matthew 6:33). Desire to be placed in all groups that honor God, answering the financial and other difficult questions with His profound and holy word. It should be a part of who we are and what we dream of, as well as considered in the financial actions we do. Why not tell an interested party what you have planned for the financial blessings you are given? Share this book and this word with him or share it with her, maybe they might read and believe. And then maybe you'd both place each other in the very same group that walks financially with God, being equally yoked and blessed. A match, need I say made where?

Birds of a feather do flock together and they should, because God made it that way. Yes the sayings are true. Keep company with the financially righteous and those who fear God. It's one of the best groups to be in. And financially attractive.

Tony Gary

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