Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kosher Gate!

Jews are at war. Spies are at work. Conspiratorial plots abound. Government businesses are storming the gates. Casualties are anticipated. A battle of epic proportion not seen since Joshua blew down the Jericho walls. It's not happening on the disputed Gaza Strip however in the small rural city of Postville Iowa. Postville is the placement of the Agriprocessors kosher meat packing plant. It has turn into the positioning of of a battle between the house owners of the plant and a few very unusual bedfellows over allegations of misconduct including violation of child labor legal guidelines, offering false residency documents to illegal alien staff, slush funds for illegal workers, inhumane slaughtering of animals and even allegations that the plant has been used as a "meth lab". The plant has been infiltrated by PETA spies, overrun by invading hoards of Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) agents, under occupation by "roving Somali insurgents" and is allegedly beneath scrutiny by the DEA. A battle state of affairs worthy of a Tom Hanks lead.

In Might, 2008 Immigration and Customs Enforcement brokers(ICE) raided the Agriprocessors(AG) packing plant arresting 398 illegal aliens. It was the biggest such raid in United States historical past. State and federal officials have also accused AG of using unlawful youngster labor labor. They allege that as many as 57 youngsters, ages 14 to 17, have been illegally employed at Agriprocessors Inc.'s Pottsville plant. Along with all the illegal workers, two plant supervisors have been ultimately arrested and have trials pending. Animal cruelty prices have been dogging AG for years. Members of Folks For The Ethical Therapy Of Animals(PETA) were in a position to infiltrate the plant and procure video of the conditions surrounding the company slaughter practices. The PETA website posted the following statement:

"PETA's investigator witnessed egregiously merciless slaughter methods being used at an AgriProcessors kosher abattoir in Postville, Iowa, in the US. Cattle, chickens and turkeys suffered by way of prolonged consciousness after having their throats cut and being dismembered whereas nonetheless totally acutely aware. Many instances of inhumane slaughter had been captured on movie."

The web site goes on to offer graphic details as well as video.(viewer discretion suggested) Did Peta do something improper after they infiltrated the plant and took video documenting animal cruelty? Whether we prefer it or not, snitches, infiltrators and informers are what make the wheels of justice flip. With out tattletales seventy five p.c of crimes would go undiscovered. Claims of unlawful drug use have been thrown into the mix including allegations that methamphetamine was being manufactured in the plant.

The allegations in opposition to Agriprocessors has have precipitated a lot consternation within the Jewish population. The corporate is Jewish based and owned. It has robust ties to the Jewish Community. The allegations have induced leaders in the Jewish neighborhood to query what it means to keep kosher. It has lowered the level of belief that the food on their table is actually kosher. This re-examination of values should concern Agriprocessors. The kosher meat market is multi-billion dollar industry of which they hold a substantial market share. A loss of confidence in the kosher slaughtering strategies and other ethical mandates of Jewish non secular and dietary practices might have devastating financial affect Agriprocessor's bottom line in addition to its employees and the city of Postville Iowa. It goes effectively past Jewish points and hits on a shattered town depending on the plant for its survival. There are also the essential laws of economics dragging on AG. In case your target market on longer feels good about your product, demand goes down and earnings comply with. Agriprocessors disputes that the allegations will harm their enterprise or popularity in the long term. In a recent public assertion, Chaim Abrahams, the plant's buying manager, said the corporate has seen no decline in demand for its kosher merchandise. He went on to state that the corporate operates in an moral manner.

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